TRILITY is a water utility service provider with capabilities covering the full life cycle of water. TRILITY manage long-term projects throughout Australia including 24 water treatment and desalination plants, 15 wastewater treatment and reuse plants/schemes, 2 desalination schemes, 212km of irrigation pipeline network and Australia’s largest thermal drying bio-solids facility. With professional capabilities covering the resource, industrial and municipal sectors, TRILITY utilise their wealth of experience to develop solutions to suit customer needs.

TRILITY and Noveco ePM

TRILITY’s project management capabilities have been extended thanks to Noveco software components which make it easier to produce monthly cost and revenue reports whilst also reducing the double-handling of data.

TRILITY’s SAP Requirements

TRILITY implemented the SAP Business All-In-One Enterprise Resourcing Planning software, including the Project Systems (PS) application, in April 2012 to more effectively manage its Design and Construction Department projects.

These projects encompass a full range of services for water and wastewater treatment of municipal and industrial sectors ranging from purpose-built plants to large-scale infrastructure, and are completed by in-house design engineers.

SAP Software Limitations

During the new software’s implementation phase, TRILITY management discovered some of the SAP user-interfaces and standard templates did not fulfil the department’s financial management and reporting requirements.They determined that a single screen interface/workbench, which can be used to access all  SAP PS, SAP PPM, SAP CPM functions and perform real-time financial forecasting, planning and variation management, was needed. An interface/workbench such as this would make it easier to complete cost and revenue reports and create a simpler process to handle and navigate data.


Software Modification Options

The next step was to determine whether to modify its existing SAP system or purchase a ‘plug and play’ software add-on from a specialist SAP-certified partner.

After a wide-market search, Noveco was chosen to deliver SAP and EPM (Enterprise Project Management) solutions to TRILITY.

Noveco’s new systems could be implemented for less than a sixth of the cost and in a quarter of the time needed for an individually-tailored modification to the SAP software.

During the selection process, Noveco demonstrated a high level of commitment to making sure TRILITY’s specific requirements would be fulfilled.

Allen Blenkle

Noveco Implementation Results

TRILITY’s Allen Blenkle said Noveco achieved a great result by dividing the project into five phases – project preparation, business blueprint, realisation, final preparations and go-live.

“Each phase had start and finish dates, assigned resources and clear deliverables which required acceptance before proceeding to the next phase,” Mr Blenkle said.

“While full implementation of ePM ran overtime because of the number of changes required to the SAP financial applications, it was delivered under budget and included enhancements.

“During the selection process, Noveco demonstrated a high level of commitment to making sure TRILITY’s specific requirements would be fulfilled. They also assisted with the SAP finance module modifications to facilitate the best possible functionality of the ePM applications.”

Noveco ePM’s seamlessly integrated software components continue to enhance TRILITY’s project management capabilities and the service provider’s projects, for clients such as SA Water and Townsville City Council, run as smoothly as possible.

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