Industry Solutions with Noveco in SAP

Noveco with its extensive international and local hands-on experience in developing and implementing SAP in EC&O industry, combines proven industry best practices, SAP industry specific standard application enhanced with Noveco’s solutions to offer comprehensive solutions set to address key industry business requirements for integrated project management:

  • Integration of Cost Estimation with project costing for generation of project budget as well as providing a basis for analysis of original estimates and project actuals or forecasts at completion
  • Cost Forecasting to keep your project cost and profitability forecasts in complete control
  • Variation Management to integrate project variations into your project cost forecasting, revenue and budget reporting
  • Consolidated Project Data Portal as one stop-shop for Project Managers to view project KPIs, perform cost forecasting and run drill down reports etc.
  • Comprehensive Reporting to give complete overview of project Progress, Estimated and Completion, CTC, Commitments, cost variations and actuals during its lifecycle

As well as:

  • Project Structuring and Planning
  • Cost Estimation and Budget Control
  • Project Scheduling
  • Procurement and Subcontractor Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Progress Analysis
  • Customer Billing
  • Reporting
  • Collaborative Research & Development
  • Collaborative web Procurement

Please follow the links below to get more details on Noveco’s SAP solutions for EC&O and Complex Manufacturing industries:

Engineering and Construction Projects

Service and Maintenance Projects

Manufacturing Projects

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