Noveco implementation in your SAP system

Noveco brings another dimension to your SAP Project System

Noveco implementation is easy and time effective.

Far from being another complex and time-consuming module to implement, Noveco applies a solid methodology, facilitating clear guidelines for an efficient PS implementation.  With Noveco  your PS implementation will be focused, structured, clear, rapid and inexpensive.  After installing Noveco you can run comprehensive project reports directly from SAP ECC or S4 HANA.

How easy is it to implement Noveco solutions?

Noveco is not another software that you will need to spend months to implement. Since it is a SAP software application written in ABAP it needs to be installed into your SAP system as an add-on (using transactions SAINT and SPAM). Once installed it brings pre-configured project content and sets a firm structure to amorphous Project System. It defines clear rules and dictates certain steps to be followed to perform project planning, forecasting and reporting in SAP. Your project system design and implementation becomes very focused, short and as a result not expensive. Month and months of costly PS implementation with mistakes and awkward workarounds can be cut. It is important to us that you do not require costly consulting, or a protracted implementation cycle. However, we do offer the best available advice to help you optimise your existing configuration where necessary.  Project management in SAP PS had never been simpler and more straight forward!

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

sap project systems overview

Why is it so easy?

Noveco is a complex suite of software programs developed with extensive industry experience, deep knowledge of SAP PS functionality, database structure and standard programs.

There is no Business Warehouse (BW), Business Intelligence (BI), Integrated Planning (IP) or other middle-ware required for it to operate. Noveco is not relying on exchange interfaces, data extractors, info cubes, persistent data staging, refreshing, mapping protocols, object links etc. It is not interacting with SAP “backend”, because it is based in the “backend” and uses PS Infosystem as its prime database.

Just like the Project System library of standard reports comes with pre-configured columns of key figures,  Noveco is pre-wired and can function immediately after installation with some basic configuration.

How can it work for me?

We at Noveco are the Project System experts. Therefore, we take pride in our skills and will settle for nothing but the best solution for you.

Our implementation cycle consists of up to 4 steps:

1. Proof of concept

We have a closer look at your implementation and isolate its key elements. In this cycle, we simply determine how you plan your costs (Noveco Estimating or SAP standard cost planning tools: Easy Cost Planning, Unit Costing, Structure Planning, Network planning etc.), where your actual costs are posted and how you utilize Cost Elements and Value Categories (Cost Element Groups). This provides us with enough information to perform our base configuration.

2. Install Noveco ePM

In conjunction with your Basis team, we provide a software files, which your Basis team will install in your SAP system.

3. Configure SAP PS and ePM

Based on the proof of concept, we make a few settings necessary for the solution to function

4. Customize standard reports

Noveco packages and delivers its own reports within the PS Infosystem. We will make minor changes to these reports to reflect configuration (step 3) so that you can run your forecasting reports from SAP.

These 4 steps usually take between a few hours to few days depending on complexity and your requirements. In some cases we have communicated more effective ways of planning, which makes proof of concept take a little longer. However, our longest implementation has taken no more than a couple of days.

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