Business Benefits with Noveco

Noveco Project Cost Forecasting, Progress and Variation Management

  • Project Manager Workbench provides one central place to review KPIs, update forecasts, track and update progress, execute analytical and drill down reports
  • Complete Cost and Work To Complete management: Automatic reduction and Manual adjustment
  • Instant Integration with SAP transactions: Purchase Orders, time sheets, invoices, billing etc.
  • Forecasting results are immediately available for Result Analysis, Progress Analysis, SAP PS Reports and BI (no custom interfaces needed to native SAP reports)
  • Period Sensitive Forecasts: designed for month end forecasts in live transactional system
  • Saves project forecast history w/o need to perform version copy by the user
  • Project Costs Forecasts integrated with PM/CS and PP orders
  • Integrates Project Variations into cost forecasting and budgeting
  • No modifications to SAP standard core applications. No “z-tables” to keep forecasts costs, all data read/written from/to SAP standard database.

Business Value of Integrated Project Forecasting in SAP PS

  • Connects upstream (estimating, procurement, timesheets) and downstream (monitoring, resource allocation, analytical reports) activities of project management lifecycle
  • Closes the loop between execution and analysis processes providing 360 degree flow of information
  • Replaces spreadsheets and other third party tools with centralized SAP database
  • Reduces amount of effort required to produce project forecasts and analytical reports
  • Reduces number of interdependent systems and interfaces needed; reduce costs of maintenance and support of systems other then SAP
  • Decreases potential for errors of data entry and manipulation
  • Improves quality, transparency and accuracy of data
  • Allows potential savings and process efficiency by relieving Project Managers from performing routine transactional and administrative activities.
  • Integrates Resource (personnel) Planning into project planning and forecasting
  • Determine realistic project progress
  • Unleashes the true power of integrated SAP PS system

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