SAP Project System / SAP PS

SAP Project System challenges:

SAP Project System (SAP PS) is the most integrated module and it could be one of the greatest Project Management platform in your organization to run projects in SAP directly.

SAP PS is seamlessly and in real-time connected to Financial Accounting and Cost Controlling, Materials Management, Procurement, Production Planning, Plant Maintenance and other SAP PS modules.


But despite its integration powers, many companies that implemented standard SAP Project System module still cannot manage projects in SAP.

The reason is that Project System in standard SAP lacks important functionalities that make it impossible to perform estimation, cost and revenue forecasting, progress, variation management and produce complex comprehensive project reports.

As a result, you cannot perform full financial control of your project lifecycle in SAP PS, so project managers are forced to use excel spreadsheets and third-party tools loosely connected to your SAP system. This undermines information transparency, data integrity and makes the entire process very inefficient.

That’s why, at Noveco, we have developed an incredibly elegant yet simple and powerful solution.

Noveco Solution: SAP Project System Overview (SAP PS)

Noveco solutions enabling you to have a complete financial control over your projects directly in SAP ECC and S4 HANA


Perform Estimating in SAP directly:

  • Create and maintain library of packages of resources (materials, labour, services) required to perform your routine work such as installations, maintenance, manufacturing or construction.
  • Get the latest prices and rates to keep your resource packages always up-to-date from SAP
  • Create Estimates in SAP using templates or other estimates quickly
  • Create Estimate versions to simulate different scenarios
  • Use flexible formulas to calculate price escalation, surcharges, risks, contingencies and margins
  • Assign Project No. to the Estimate version to transfer cost and revenue from the estimate to project WBS and/or Network Activities.
  • Once transferred and saved, a detailed cost plan is created on a project automatically. No manual cost plan entry is required
  • At any time during project execution you can compare your estimated costs with project actuals and forecasts.

Use Project Manager Workbench to keep tight financial control of your projects in PS SAP directly:

  • Review and update Key Performance Indicators: Budgets,Estimate at Completion, Cost to Complete, Variations, Actual Costs and Revenues, Progress, Earned Value, Profit Margin etc.
  • Automatic recalculation and distribution of Cost To Complete
  • Manual update of project Cost To Complete (CTC) and/or Estimated At Completion(EAC)
  • Distribute Budgets, Cost To Complete, Commitments and Revenues by period
    Built-in Progress Analysis
  • Variations Management
  • Risk Analysis (Threats and Opportunities)
  • Contingency Management in complete integration with variations, budgets and forecasts
  • Context Drill-down reports: point and click to get into underlying documents directly from SAP
    Planning by Purchase Order individually
  • Calculate Accruals by Purchase Order item individually
  • Automatic Project Forecast history tracking
  • Track a complete project history from its beginning: Estimated at Completion, Budgets, Revenues, Profits, Variations
  • Automatic forecasting for multi-projects as a background job
  • Instant Integration of forecast results with Project Results Analysis
  • Built-in reports and analysis

Integrated Variation Management

  • Plan Costs and Revenues within one variation document.
  • Assign variation costs to multiple project elements (WBS, Network Activities and orders) within one variation document
  • Variation status control, e.g. Pending, Approved with automatic cost allocation to assigned Project elements (WBS, Network Activities): update project current budget and Cost To Complete depending on variation status
  • Sales Document update with revenue adjustment from variation document
  • Full Integration with Project cost forecasting and reporting


  • Full history of project Estimated at Completion, Cost to Complete, Commitments, Actual costs, Budget, Variation of costs and revenue values. See how your project was evolving during its lifecycle.
  • Report Project Variations and Budget changes
  • Report Original Project Estimation vs. Project Actual Costs at its completion

Applications of Noveco and SAP Project Systems

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