SAP Portfolio and Project Management | SAP PPM

SAP PPM is the SAP Portfolio and Project Management (SAP PPM) module which is used to plan, prioritise and analyse investment initiatives. The initiatives become projects upon their approval. Projects are created in SAP ECC or S4 HANA within Project System module to control execution of these initiatives.

Portfolio Management solution integrates information from existing project management, human resources, and financial systems to provide an overview of project portfolio with easy drilldown to details for portfolio managers, project managers, and resource managers. This enables innovative and collaborative, cross-functional business processes.


Portfolio Management: address the strategic aspects of portfolio management, monitoring initiatives and existing project status.

Project System: address the management of currently approved initiatives (projects).

Integrated Portfolio and Project Management provide 360 degrees of overview of your company program and project activities for many years ahead.


What is SAP PS?

SAP Project System (PS) is the module within SAP that handles the full cycle of planning, controlling and execution of projects.

PS is integrated with other modules within SAP environment to enable information flow from financial and accounting, procurement, inventory, work and production orders etc.

SAP PS, SAP PPM, Noveco software

SAP Project System enhanced with Noveco enables the following:

  • Create project structure using WBS hierarchy and Network activities
  • Create Estimates and transfer cost & revenue to project
  • Plan Costs and Revenues
  • Allocate required resources
  • Define Start and Finish dates of project activities
  • Run Procurement of services and materials
  • Allocate actual costs and revenue to project WBS, Network Activities and linked orders
  • Monitor and update project budgets, forecasts and progress
  • Handle Project Variations
  • Run project reports

One of the important function of SAP PS is to manage all stages of project delivery from planning to execution and closure.

When Project in SAP PS are linked to Portfolio items in PPM it creates an integrated platform to manage Portfolio and Projects in SAP system




For more details on SAP Project System follow this link



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