About Noveco Systems

Noveco Systems was set up by founder Michael Ragozin and former employees of the SAP AG Industry Business Unit Machinery (IBU), Engineering and Construction (ME&C). The IBU ME&C was set up in late nineties as SAP made its strategic decision to develop industry specific solutions.

The original role of the IBU was to collect industry requirements, and extend SAP core applications with industry specific solutions.

As members of SAP IBU team, Noveco Systems founders spent many years in research and development of SAP ECO solutions and helping customers around the world with their implementation.

Several of our leading consultants themselves were engineers and construction project managers prior to working for SAP AG for many years as consultants and solution architects.

Noveco Systems company history includes 18 years of extensive local and international experience in working closely with Construction, Maintenance, Complex Manufacturing and Shipbuilding companies presenting and developing SAP Solutions, being on the edge of pre-sales and consulting activities in the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, China.

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