Unlock the full potential of SAP Project System ( PS ) with Noveco

Noveco is a family of seamlessly integrated software components designed to expand, enhance and simplify standard SAP PS.
Built directly in SAP PS, Noveco will change the way you manage your projects in SAP without the need for Excel or additional third-party tools.


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Working with standard SAP PS.
Challenges and Limitations:

If you are running SAP standard PS only, there is a high chance that you:


  • Use PS as a cost collector
  • Rely heavily on excel spreadsheets
  • Lack processes standardisation
  • Have no information transparency and consistency
  • Don’t have a comprehensive financial view across your projects, programs and portfolios in real-time
  • Use excel spreadsheets as a data source for all reporting


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Noveco solutions for SAP PS:

  • Extend PS with powerful new functionality
  • Simplify your experience in SAP
  • Streamline and standardize project management processes
  • Turn SAP PS into a single source of project reporting, KPIs and analytics
  • Make project, program and portfolio reports real-time

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Functions & Features

Noveco greatly expands the functionality of SAP PS with a host of brand-new features. At the center is the Project Manager Workbench, an intuitive and user-friendly transaction in SAP that enables to review project KPIs in a graphical dash board, recalculate and manually update forecasts, drill down to source documents such as purchase orders, actual cost line items etc.

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Quick & Easy To Implement

Noveco can be fully implemented and customised in as little 2-3 hours.

Since Noveco is a SAP software application, it is installed directly into your SAP system as an add-on. No Business Warehouse (BW), Business Intelligence (E10, Integrated Planning (IP) or other middle-ware is required.

Technical installation takes as little as 30 minutes, with configuration taking around two hours. Your Noveco system will be ready to run in a SAP Test environment on the day you install it.


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Since Noveco is built directly into your SAP system it benefits from SAP’s industry-leading security protocols. SAP S4 HANA complies with general data privacy acts and industry-specific data protection legislation in different countries. It interfaces with a VSI 2.0-compliant virus scanner during various processing stages and relies on sophisticated user management and authentication mechanisms delivered with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.

Explore the benefits of cloud computing for your business. Run lean and agile business processes. Benefit from the latest innovations and updates. Step ahead of your competitors and build an industry-leading cloud-first strategy with SAP and Noveco.

Success Stories

Noveco is a complex suite of software programs developed with extensive industry experience, deep knowledge of SAP PS functionality, database structure and standard programs.

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Built Inside SAP

Directly Into SAP ECC Or S4 HANA-No Interfaces, No Middle, Always Real-time


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Noveco is a suite of software programs developed with extensive
industry experience and deep knowledge of SAP functionality

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