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Hydro Tasmania is Australia’s largest producer of renewable energy. We generate hydropower and wind power in Tasmania and trade electricity and energy-related environmental products (such as Renewable Energy Certificates) in the Australian market.
Hydro Tasmania is the largest water manager in Australia.
We own and operate an advance hybrid power system on King Island. It uses wind, solar, diesel and innovative energy enabling technologies to maximise renewable energy use. It’s a good example of innovative use of combined renewable technologies…
CitiPower and Powercor are Victoria’s largest suppliers of electricity to both residential and commercial customers. CitiPower delivers services to Melbourne’s inner suburbs and the CBD, and Powercor deliver electricity to customers in central Victoria and Melbourne’s outer suburbs. The business owns and manages core electrical infrastructure such as power poles and wires and are responsible for providing safe, reliable and cost effective electricity to over 1 million Victorians daily…
trilityTRILITY is a water utility service provider with capabilities covering the full life cycle of water. TRILITY manage long-term projects throughout Australia including 24 water treatment and desalination plants, 15 wastewater treatment and reuse plants/schemes, 2 desalination schemes, 212km of irrigation pipeline network and Australia’s largest thermal drying bio-solids facility. With professional capabilities covering the resource, industrial and municipal sectors, TRILITY utilise their wealth of experience to develop solutions to suit customer needs…

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