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Revolutionise the way you manage your projects in SAP PS

with Noveco Extended Project Management (ePM) solutions

Transform the way you use SAP-PS with Noveco

Getting the most out of SAP-PS isn’t easy, useful data is painfully difficult to extract.

Thats why Noveco exists; to make managing projects using SAP simple and easy.

Better SAP-PS Management

Unlock the full potential of SAP-PS with Noveco. Get accurate forecasts, progress, earned values, variations and access source documents instantly within SAP on a single click.

Built inside of SAP

Built directly into SAP ECC, Noveco is a powerful platform that is transforming the way SAP businesses manage projects efficiently. No excel sheets, no interfaces, no middleware.

Transforming your approach

With Noveco, you’ll work smarter, get better results, with less effort. Spend more time on managing your projects and not managing project’s data.

The Noveco Inspiration

In this video, Michael Ragozin (founder and creator of Noveco) describes the inspiration for Noveco and the core issues with SAP-PS that the Noveco team set forth to conquer. The end result is the fully functional and battle tested software solution – Noveco ePM (SAP Certified).

First deployed on Citipower (Australia) for a team of 15 SAP-PS users in 2012, Noveco ePM was a success, saving man-hours and improving decision making data gathering and presentation. Since then over multiple implementations and iterations, Noveco ePM is now an indispensable solution for hundreds of SAP-PS users.

Find out why Noveco ePM is the best solution
for SAP Project System project managers

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Noveco is everything you wished SAP-PS could be.

We took it to a whole new level so project managers using SAP could work faster and smarter.

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No exports. No more spreadsheets. No middleware.